Modifying Your Child Support Order / Review and Adjustment  

Contact Otero County Child Support Services at (719) 383-3168 for assistance 

Either party may ask for a review of their child support order.  Your reason for a review must relate to a substantial and continuing change in circumstances.  The order may not be changed unless: 

  • The dollar amount of the order changes by 10% or more, or
  • Medical support is not ordered or has changed.

Reasons to request a review may include the following:

  • One of the children has emancipated;
  • You or the other parent have had a change in income;
  • There has been a change in the cost of raising a child (i.e. healthcare costs or daycare expenses);
  • The number of overnight visits the children have with the other parent has changed;
  • It has been three (3) years since your last review.

The request must be in writing, signed, and submitted to the county Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit that is handling your case.

The request should give a reason for the change.  If the reason arises from a change in the requester circumstances, include supporting information.

A review may result in the ordered amount going up, going down, or staying the same.  The review uses the current income of both parties and expenses for the children.  The Colorado Child Support Guidelines are used.

Reviewing and changing an order may take up to 6 months.