Establishing a Child Support Order  

  • You do not have to be divorced or even married to establish a child support order.
  • Once paternity is established, a child support order may be entered pursuant to the juvenile code §19-6-101.
  • All child support orders entered in Colorado are entered pursuant to the Child Support Guidelines.

Establishment - Child Support Guidelines

To determine the amount of support a parent is required to pay, the Child Support Unit or the Court will follow the Colorado Child Support Guidelines.  Both parties must provide verification of their income and provide their most recent income tax returns.

  • Child support orders entered in the State of Colorado are entered pursuant to the Child support Guidelines C.R.S. §14-10-115. 

Establishing Health Insurance Coverage

  • The Colorado courts  and Child Support Enforcement program also require that health insurance coverage be provided for children when setting up the child support order.  C.R.S. §14-5-125, §14-10-115, §14-10-115(2)(b), §14-10-115(13.5), §14-14-112


The Child Support Unit can help establish an Order to pay child support in one of two ways.

  •  Administrative Process Action (APA) - This is an expedited legal procedure done in our office.  This Order, based on the appropriate child support guidelines, has the same effect as one established in Court.  It is legally binding on the parties concerned.

  • Orders obtained by Court Action – A child support hearing is held when a party disagrees with a proposed action by the County or directly petitions the Court for a hearing.  A judge or magistrate decides whether to issue a support order.