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Office Hours:  8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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Changes to County Courthouse

The Otero County Courthouse is open on the north and drivers license doors only. All visitors to the courthouse MUST wear a face covering.  Otero County staff is still available to assist you via phone.  Please consult our PHONE DIRECTORY.

Click here for Coronavirus Updates from Otero County Health Department.

Click here for information about motor vehicle renewals, property tax payments, and Dept. of Humans Services correspondence (e.g forms).

Motor Vehicle

Shannon Casillas, Motor Vehicle Clerk




ATTENTION: Persons with Disabilities

You must bring a doctor completed Persons with Disabilities Handicap Parking Application every time you renew your license plates or hang tag.  Please print the application following the link below and take to your doctor to have completed before you come in to renew your plates or hang tag.

Download Application here, take to your physician to have signed, and then bring or mail to us.

As of June 1, 2011, you need to submit an application completed by your physician every time you renew your Disabilities Handicap license plate or placard. 


We now accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards for Motor Vehicle transactions!  The customer must pay the 2.7 % Colorado Payport Admin. fee.

ATTENTION: Persons with Disabilities

Handicap Parking Privileges have changed again.  Please click on Download Application here and read the definitions and when you need a doctor's certificate.  For additional information, please call

County Clerk's Office at 719-383-3020

Download Application here, take to your physician to have signed, and then bring or mail to us.


Did you buy a mobile/manufactured home?

Try this handy flow chart!

Be sure to bring your ID plus proof of insurance.

Title Fee:  $7.20

Duplicate Title Fee:  $8.20

Permits:  $7.08

Tab/Sticker Replacement:  $4.17

Copy/Replace Registration:  $4.00

Plate Replacement:  Varies. Please call the Clerk and Recorder's office for more information at 719-383-3020.


Effective June 1, 2009

Late fees increase June 1 2009.

Any registered vehicle past the grace period will acrue a $25 per month late fee not to exceed $100.00

Trailers were amended and $10 late fees are applied if registration is expired

Effective July 1, 2009

SB09-108 (Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery) or referred to as FASTER

Road Safety Surcharge & Bridge Safety Surcharge will be imposed on all vehicles. 

Effective August 5, 2009

Per HB09-1133 material fees (the charge for the actual plate/plates, tabs) are no longer established in statute.  The Department of Corrections will increase material fees from $1.63 each to $1.89 each on the embossed plates, and $2.54 each to $2.82 each on the digital plates (flat). 


For more information, tax rates, or forms please go to Colorado Dept. of Revenue Website:



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