Courthouse: 13 West 3rd, La Junta, CO
Annex: 215 Raton, La Junta, CO

Office Hours:  8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday


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From the Otero County Sheriff via Facebook:

May 24 (8:30 p.m.):  Hwy 194 still CLOSED both directions. .. if you willingly drive around the Barricades, and we catch you, I'll let the judge explain to you how you were wrong... just personally wrote an invitation to County Court for this... we put the Barricades out for your SAFETY. .. please abide by them

May 21: Highway 194 now CLOSED due to flooding east of La Junta and at Las Animas.

Sign up for Code Red Emergency Notifications

Also, listen to KBLJ radio at 92.1 FM.

If you have an emergency and are unable to reach 911 or regular numbers, use a cell phone to call these temporary emergency numbers:

Otero Sheriff (719) 652-0242
La Junta Police (719) 652-0457
Rocky Ford Police (719) 652-0554

River and Flood Warning Info - Otero County Sheriff's Facebook Page

Director: Donna Rohde
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 102
Phone:  719-383-3168
Adult Services: Janine Pearce-Vasquez
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 110                                            
Phone:  719-383-3166
Adult Protection - After Hours call toll free 1-877-767-8914
Area On Agency on Aging
Community Services Block Grant
Options to Long Term Care
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
Adult Resources for Care and Help (ARCH)
Veterans Service Representative - Located in CountyCourthouse, Room 110
Administration: Judy Harper 
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 102
Phone:  719-383-3168
Low-Income Child Care
Medicaid Transportation
Child Welfare & Core:  Tyra Schroll
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 102
Phone:  719-383-3168
Child Protection - Toll Free 1-844-CO4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437)
Foster Care Certification
Core Services
Child Support:  JoAnna Finney
Location:  County Annex, 215 Raton
Phone:  719-383-3100
Child Support Enforcement including: 
     Establishment (Paternity and Support) 
Assistance Payments:JoAnna Finney
Location: CountyAnnex, 215 Raton                                                                              
Phone:  719-383-3100 
Food Assistance Programs
Financial Assistance
Medical Assistance
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