Courthouse: 13 West 3rd, La Junta, CO
Annex: 215 Raton, La Junta, CO

Office Hours:  8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday


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Director: Donna Rohde
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 102
Phone:  719-383-3168
Adult Services: Janine Pearce-Vasquez
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 110                                            
Phone:  719-383-3166
Adult Protection - After Hours call toll free 1-877-767-8914
Area On Agency on Aging
Community Services Block Grant
Options to Long Term Care
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
Adult Resources for Care and Help (ARCH)
Veterans Service Representative - Located in CountyCourthouse, Room 110
Administration: Judy Harper 
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 102
Phone:  719-383-3168
Low-Income Child Care
Medicaid Transportation
Child Welfare & Core:  Tyra Schroll
Location: CountyCourthouse, Room 102
Phone:  719-383-3168
Child Protection - Toll Free 1-844-CO4-KIDS (1-844-264-5437)
Foster Care Certification
Core Services
Child Support:  JoAnna Finney
Location:  County Annex, 215 Raton
Phone:  719-383-3100
Child Support Enforcement including: 
     Establishment (Paternity and Support) 
Assistance Payments:JoAnna Finney
Location: CountyAnnex, 215 Raton                                                                              
Phone:  719-383-3100 
Food Assistance Programs
Financial Assistance
Medical Assistance
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