Courthouse: 13 West 3rd, La Junta, CO
Annex: 215 Raton, La Junta, CO

Office Hours:  8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday

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County Offices Closed - Thur & Fri., Nov. 23 & 24

County Offices will be closed on Thurs., and Fri., Nov. 23 and 24
for the Thanksgiving holiday.

(Courts, Probation, and Diver's License office will be open on FRIDAY.)

Paul Yoder, MD President/Medical Officer
RJ Nelson, DVM Vice-President
David Trujillo, DDS Member
Mike Nicklos, JD Member
Kelly Lotrich Member 
Shamay Smith Member
Richard Ritter, Secretary Ex-Officio Member
Kevin Karney, Commissioner Ex-Officio Member
Dennis Smith, Treasurer Ex-Officio Member
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