Hello to all.  Here is a brief Crowley/Otero Counties COVID-19 update:

  • CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO CONFIRMED CASES OF NOR DEATHS FROM COVID-19 IN CROWLEY AND OTERO COUNTIES.  Be very careful of rumors (both listening to and repeating), and be very careful of what you read on social media sites.
  • The cases that were quarantined in response to the COVID-19 traveler have completed their quarantine requirement, none became ill, and they have been released from quarantine.  We are very happy they did not become ill, and we thank them for their compliance!
  • We currently have 2 more individuals in quarantine.
  • In Crowley/Otero Counties, we have had great compliance with state Public Health Order 20-22, concerning the mandatory closure of certain businesses.  We absolutely acknowledge that this will be a hardship, and we sincerely thank you for taking these efforts to protect the public’s health.  Please consider these important things:
    • General public:  Let’s come together to support our local, small businesses during this difficult time.  To the best of our ability, let’s continue to give them business through the allowable take-out option.  Our agency and my family will absolutely be doing this.
    • Affected businesses, please closely consider the following:
      • Give immediate attention to a Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) for your business, that will help you to adjust to the current situation.  In other words, sit down with your staff and brainstorm how you are going to adjust to strictly takeout, who is going to do what, who will be ordering supplies and checking stock, etc. 
      • If you do not yet have an online presence with a menu, make this a priority.
      • If you have not yet ordered more take-out supplies, do this immediately.  Just like we have seen shortages of many items, we may be seeing this (if it is not already happening).
      • Actively look for small business assistance to help navigate through these trying times.  Su Korbitz and Tony Harviston, of my staff, will have this information available for you.  Please call 719-383-4728 (Su) or 719-383-3087 (Tony)

Some of you may remember the song (from the seventies, I believe) by Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive.  Just keep humming that tune in your head and, if you have a great singing voice, entertain your family members and coworkers.  I will most definitely be doing the latter, and not the former.

Until the next update,

Richard Ritter, Executive Director

Otero County Health Department

13 West 3rd Street, Room 111

La Junta, Colorado 81050

719-383-3045 (Office)

719-383-3060 (Fax)